Product Publication

Compatibility Census

The Ouvroir of Romantic Gestures and the Paralogics of Love (Georgia Currell, Birgit Toke Tauka Frietman, and Charis Poon) presents The Compatibility Census.

It is the near future. The search for love and romance with the use of dating apps has grown to such an extent that real life romantic communication between people is sparse. Eye contact makes people nervous and uncomfortable. Life has become centered around digital devices and people have forgotten how to form and hold relationships in real life.

Our ouvroir recognised these issues in society as an existential crisis and decided to address them. We have created The Compatibility Census, which is a system that combats the poorly restructured society that digital algorithmic dating apps have caused. With an analogue approach, The Compatibility Census questions and critiques the choice paralysis currently visible in our society, and aims to provide an alternative method.

For a full record of The Compatibility Census in practice, read this document.